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Dear Friends, dear Donators,

We are celebrating the 10th anniversary of the registration of Stone of Help Foundation.

We have come a long way during this time. We have met thousands of people in need and have been able to help with all we have received. Innumerable Christmas shoe boxes, along with much needed clothing and food has been widely distributed. God has always been beside us and He has faithfully supplied all that has been required to help meet the needs.

Our Youth Orchestra was founded 5 years ago. These high school and university students gather every week for rehearsals together. Their motivation is that through their music they might be able to share the Good News all throughout Hungary. During these 5 years they have already had more than 50 performances. The majority of their concerts have been focused toward non-believers. The orchestra has experienced a tremendous growth in quality and development during these resent years, and now, based on the feedback of our audiences, we are feeling the need for studio recordings. We would like to start with a 3-song demo recording, which would later be followed by a full album. We know it would be a miracle of God to be able to collect the funds necessary for a recording project, but we pray and trust that God will provide us all our needs as He has in the past.

The 3-song demo would cost us $1200, and the full album another $4500. In case you would like to support these talented young people in spreading the Good News, you can donate through our website in an easy and safe way via PayPal. Please visit www.segitsegkove.hu for donations.

We can receive donations through normal bank transfers as well.

Bank name: K&H Bank Zrt. 019 Budapest

Bank address: Kossuth L. u. 97.; H-1211 Budapest


IBAN account no.: HU66 1040 0195 4957 5451 5756 1013

You can watch some videos on YouTube of our live performances:







We are happy to answer your questions at segitsegkove@segitsegkove.hu.

Wishing God’s blessing on your life,

Stone of Help Foundation

represented by Alfred Schönek president